Corona — the Crisis of Scientific Thinking

When facts and figures do not go hand in hand with images of horror, panic-mongering, and fear — and certainly not with the prescribed measures!


When a deadly pandemic is circumvented, drastic measures seem to be justified at first, as it seems right to submit to these measures until clarity is achieved. After all, it is better to suffer personal disadvantages for a few weeks than to have to realize in retrospect that one’s own misconduct may have cost human lives.

At the same time, however, a clean, scientific analysis must be carried out, uninfluenced by political and economic interests! At the same time, the mass media and the population must critically examine the medical claims and political regulations, carefully examine their truthfulness, and insist on objective, uncolored, unembellished answers, because otherwise we will sacrifice our highest values — the rule of law, the Basic Law and freedom — on the altar of unscientificity and the uncritical acceptance of preconceived opinions. So, are the measures justified? Is Corona as dangerous as claimed? How reliable are the tests? What are the causes of the appalling death toll in Italy, Spain, and New York? What does a logical, scientific analysis reveal? What will remain of Corona?

From the Editorial:

»At the very moment when the facts reflect a different reality than the TV images, when shock images, emotions and fears are misused to restrict freedom, we should subject our own perceptions to rigorous scrutiny and become aware of our responsibilities! For those who sleep in democracy wake up in dictatorship.

When it comes to abolishing democracy, the basic law, the constitutional state, and our civil liberties, we have a civic duty: namely to thoroughly scrutinize the facts and measures — away from all TV images, all emotions and all personal fear. That is exactly what this Dispatch is doing.

Every citizen has the inalienable duty to check whether the facts and figures on the basis of which the government is cutting back the highest goods of our country are really true. Everyone has the responsibility to check whether the matter is true or stinks!

I will prove in this Dispatch that the alarm state of the people in our country is artificial. I will prove that the measures prescribed are not only unfounded, but counterproductive, or even real causes of death! I do not deny that there are deaths — but the real figures prove that (1) are no more than in comparable periods and (2) “corona” is almost never the ultimate cause of death.

The basic questions are: What does the Corona universe actually look like when clean, serious, scientific work is done? What is left over then? Of concern? Real danger? Real causes of death? Or what comes out instead? Prepare yourself for a more than exciting journey of discovery.

Michael Kent«

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